Switcheasy Vulcan

After I picked up the iSkin Solo FX for my wife’s iPhone 3GS, I absolutely loved the material along with the fit and feel. I really thought it COULD be the case, that would replace my long time use of the Speck Candyshell. Stopping me was the color, and the multi circle designs on the back. It’s not at all my style, and looked for a solid black version. They didn’t have the Solo FX in black, but I was thrilled to see they had a regular iSkin Solo in solid black. I ordered 2 of them, I was so excited to see it. When it arrived, I was underwhelmed by the fit. It’s a slightly different feel then the FX, and the case just does’t sit on the phone the way the FX does. Disappointed, I began looking for alternatives, and saw some comparisons to the Switcheasy Vulcan, and placed my order to try it out.

I’ve owned a few Switcheasy cases on the past. I had an original black Capsule Rebel, and I loved the design, but it suffered from the dreaded sagging bottom. I then picked up the Capsule Neo on it’s launch day, and after the install, it became my favorite case for awhile.
Switcheasy produces quality, and some of the very best cases on the market, and most people who use them, know this as well. The Vulcan is no different.
The material is something they call “Hydro Polymer.” It’s very similar to the material on the iSkin Solo. It’s not a hardshell, and not a silicone rubber, but something somewhere in-between. In my opinion, it’s superior to both of those, for great scratch protection, and impact protection. This material is soft, flexible, yet still enough to hold it’s shape. It’s smooth, and slick feeling, and can slide in and out of your pocket easily, but has enough tack where it will stay in your hand. It won’t collect dust, but it IS a fingerprint magnet. The entire chrome bezel is covered, and it creates a very nicer lay on the table design.
Putting the case on is simple, and does require a bit of massaging to line up the camera hole perfectly, and the bottom mic and speaker openings. It’s only takes a second or two, to fit the case dead on.
Switcheasy always gives you a lot of extras as well. In the box, you get a screen shield, microfiber, and the greatest thing in the box, 2 dock covers, and 2 headphone port plugs. They also come in the color of your case, so for me, it’s the smoke colored pieces.
The Vulcan has a slight design on the back, which is subtle, and adds just enough flair to the case. The shape reminds me of the logo from Star Trek, and I’m sure this is why the case is called the Vulcan.
The case adds very little bulk to the phone. It’s close to the iSkin Solo in thickness, but the fit and finish of the Vulcan is superior. The only 2 issues I found with the case, was when putting in the dock connector plug, the lip on the bottom would raise up. This was an instant disappointment, BUT I solved with with a very easy solution, you can see in the video review. The second issue, are the lines along the sides of the phone from the molding process. They feel a bit sharp in your hand, but it’s not a deal breaker for me. At only $19.99 on the Switcheasy site, this to me is a fantastic buy, and highly recommend it.

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