iSkin Solo FX

Today I picked up a new case for my wife’s iPhone. My wife is BRUTAL on cases. It’s not that she drops the phone, or is rough with it. I honestly don’t know how the hell she does it. In the past 6 months, she’s gone through 2 Speck Candy shells, by breaking the bottom plastic piece that goes across the dock port and lower bezel, and 2 Speck See-Thru cases, where the rubber rim that surrounds the bezel has come up from the case.

My wife is sort of… clumsy, so I want the best protection I can give her phone, and yet she wants a “cute” looking case. I HATE silicone cases. They stretch, never fit quite right, attract dust and link, and when dirt particles get under the skin, it will scratch the hell out of the phone. Not a good choice for the Mrs.

I picked up the iSkin Solo FX from the Apple Store today in Blue. This could possibly be the best case for my wife. First, she loved the blue color of the candy shell. The blue on the Solo FX is damn close. She wanted a “cute” case. This has a girlie design, with little circles in it. Bingo. It’s not hard shell, so she can’t crack it, and it’s NOT silicone, so it will retain its form.

This case is a soft, pliable polymer of some sort, too hard to be silicone, too much like plastic to be a rubber… It’s actually a very cool case. If this came in solid black, I might actually use this instead of my Candyshell.

It comes with a mirror screen protector, and some iSkin stickers if you so dare to show off your allegiance to the iSkin Army.

This is well made, and nice looking, and after if goes through the stress test that is my wife, I’ll let you know how it holds up.


One Response to iSkin Solo FX

  1. AlexL says:

    Nice review thank you! I own a blue iSkin solo and use it on a daily basis, truly love it 🙂

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