Steinheil GLAS.t

Steinheil advertised a brand new iPhone screen protector called the GLAS.t, and after reading about it, I decided to purchase one to try out. It’s a premium tempered glass screen protector, with oleophobic coating which helps repel oil and fingerprints. It’s total thickness is about 4mm, and that twice as thick as your normal 2mm plastic screen shield.

For the install, I ran the hot shower and installed it in the bathroom, as the humidity will keep the dust down. I was able to get a perfect install, without a speck of dust anywhere on the phone. That made me VERY happy, as I’m a bit OCD when it comes to dust under the screen protector.

You get ONE shot at installing this. You can’t remove it without ruining it. Once it’s on, it’s awesome. It feels like a naked iPhone screen, and CRYSTAL clear. Really nice at repelling oils from your fingers too. There is absolutely zero drag or friction, and it does feel like a brand new screen.

Since it’s 4mm thick, they give you some button covers, that are like a softer material and bubble like, with the same square design on it, so it looks like nothing is there. It helps raise the button so you don’t feel the 4mm gap when using the home button. This is a fantastic feature, and really does help the overall usage.

I’m using the ZooGoo iPhone case, which is a TPU style (only softer) material, and it seems to be OK with it. I tired the Switcheasy Vulcan TPU case, and it started to raise the shield in the corners and sides.

Tolerance is TIGHT on this. You need to line it up exactly perfectly, in one shot. That’s my biggest issue. If you blow this, you’re out $28. I almost had a panic attack making sure I lined it up perfectly. Sweating bullets in a steaming hot bathroom, and holding my breath applying it, like I’m a sniper with a 3 quarter mile head shot… This was nerve-racking. For $28, they should give you 2, or build an installer into the box for a perfect fit.

All in all, if you line it up right, install it in a clean environment, have a steady hand, nerves of steel, and $28 bucks to drop, I say it’s an awesome screen shield worth every penny.

BEWARE, this is going to give a whole of cases trouble. Make sure if you’re using a case with a lay on the table design, it goes over onto the glass enough, so it doesn’t interfere with the edges. It will raise the shield easily since there’s a 4mm edge to snag.

After the install, there IS some slight bubbling along the VERY edges. The instructions say they will go away in a couple of days, I’ll come back and let you know if they do.


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