iPhone Universal Tripod Mount Project

July 30, 2009

I was thinking about a mounting solution for the iPhone 3GS, now that it has a better camera, and video functionality. I have several universal tripods which I use with my Nikon D60, and started thinking of a way to use any of these tripods if I wanted to. As far as I know, there is no universal mount like this. Of course, there very well may be, and I just haven’t seen one yet.

I started going through my left over and unused gadget box, and came across a couple different Bracketron mounts I don’t use. One had a long flexible arm, with a suction cup mount, and the other was a much shorter arm, connected to a cup holder type mount.

I thought the suction cup mounts arm was too long, and would be a bit unstable for what I wanted, but the other seemed just right.



I disassembled the cup hold section, leaving just the arm, and bracket mount. I used a dremel to remove the gear, and inside unneeded plastic inside the section that connected to the cup holder base.

I found an old video camera from 10 years ago that no longer worked, and I removed the universal tripod mount from it, and used the dremel again to shave away the plastic around it, creating a circle just around the actual mounting nut.


Next, I used a 2 part epoxy putty, they when it cures in 24 hours, it’s as hard as plastic, and can be sanded, drilled, or used in any way you would a solid material. It also bonds plastics and metals. It’s something no modifier should be without.

I filled the opening of the flexible arm with the epoxy putty, and pushed in the mounting nut center in the opening, pushing it flush with the base. I removed the excess epoxy, and let cure for 24 hours. The end result, is a perfect solution to my mounting issue. This will work with any universal tripod mount, and is actually quite stable.


The Bracketron mount rotates 360 degrees, so it’s perfect for portrait or landscape, with photos, or video. It’s a pretty simple mod, and basically made, not out necessity, but wanting to see if I could come up with the simplest solution possible.