ZooGue iPhone 4S / 4 Case

Today in the mail I received my iPhone 4S case from ZooGue. A couple months back, they had a promotion, pay only the S/H and the case was free for the first 50,000 people. I paid for this, and it wasn’t sent for review.

It’s a TPU style case, but much softer, and more playable then your typical TPU case. My comparison is to the Switcheasy Vulcan. This case has a matte finish to it, and I’d almost say it feels between a silicon case and a TPU. It’s feels soft, but not tacky like silicon.

This case is very thin. The thinest TPU style I have seen yet. It has a nice lay on the table design, and a unique feature is the ridged sides for grip. Not only does this look good, but actually serves a purpose, and works well. The TPU is hard enough where it grips very well in your hand.

All the cut outs on this are perfect, for both my 4S and 4. The images here are the case on my 4, photos taken with the 4S. There is also a screen shield on the front glass. This has enough room, where I can’t see any issue with a back shield on as well, I still think it would be a good fit.

My only criticism would be, I wish the TPU material was a bit harder around the lay on the table design. It pulls away from the edges easier then my Switcheasy Vulcan, but no where near as much as a silicon case, and not a deal breaker by any means.

For only paying S/H, this case is beyond fantastic. Even at the posted price on the ZooGue website at $14.99, this is a great value for the money.

ZooGue’s first offering into the iPhone case market is a home run, and like all the other ZooGue cases, this screams QUALITY.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. It comes in Black, Grey or Black.



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