ZaggSPARQ Battery Back up

The people over at Zagg were kind enough  send me out for review, the ZaggSPARQ. This is a battery backup unit, used to change your USB powered devices. What makes this review unique for me, it’s also the first time I did a video review of a product. I tried to stay away from Video for thaw past year running this blog, and I decided to cave. I will attempt to do both written and video for the rest of my reviews, as I want to reach the most people possible. On to the review…

When traveling on a 10 hour flight to Europe, it’s crucial I have mu iPod, and iPhone with me. The problem is, the battery won’t last the entire trip. I have always carried battery backups with me, and they always meant extra cables. Zagg has come out with a battery back up unit, that solves a few issues I have with my other models.

First, and most importantly, this unit is 6000 mAh. That’s a HUGE amount of power. This will give you 4 FULL charges from a dead iPhone. Simple amazing, and for that alone I’m excited to travel with this. The second feature, is the built in plug, so there’s no need to carry another cord to charge the unit. The addition of the EU adapter for use in central Europe 220 outlets is brilliant, and since I’m between US and Europe all the time, this is a welcome surprise.

The weight of the unit is about 1/2 a pound. Not heavy at all. The size is VERY close the an Apple Airport Extreme, or the power brick on the cord of a MacBook Pro. The unit itself is a black high gloss, which makes it a finger print magnet, and very slick in your hand.

2 USB ports gives this a huge advantage over it’s competitors. The ability to charge 2 devices at once will certainly come in handy on the road, or sitting next to a friend on an airplane.

The ZaggSparq also needs a full 9 hours per charge, so overnight when you sleep should be plenty.

There is one thing on this unit I would fix if given the chance, and that’s the addition of a charging light. When you plug the unit in, you have no idea if it’s charging, or if it’s full charged. A simple LED that would light up Red while charging, and Green when complete would be an improvement.

I will do a follow up on this after I’ve had the chance to road test this for a bit, but already, I think this will be replacing my iMax Power 5000 mAh unit.


2 Responses to ZaggSPARQ Battery Back up

  1. Jeremy says:

    Hi, just wondering if you have road tested the battery? The macrumor forum has a number of people complaining about faulty units that either DOAed or lasted for a few cycles only. How did your unit fare?

    • metalheadreview says:

      So far, I have not had any issues with it, other then the LEDs might not be 100% accurate in letting me know what sort of charge is left in the unit. It has not failed on me yet, but I plan to really put this through the test next month while I’m on the road for a couple of weeks.

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