Apple Magic Mouse

Apple has always been hit or miss with me on the names of their products. When they released the “mighty” mouse, it was far from “mighty” for a single button mouse, with a little grey mouse ball you fondled to scroll pages. And guess what, they little mouse ball usually broke on people. Just Google it. All sorts of “tricks” exist to get the dam thing to work again.


Magic? Hmmm… Not sure about that, but I do know, this is the best damn mouse Apple has released so far. It has all the features I would expect from 2009. Bluetooth, sleek design, and fits comfortably in my hand.

It’s STILL a single button mouse, with no little mouse nut to fondle, but this time, I don’t miss it as much do to the surface of the mouse. The surface is also the button to click, and it’s easy to use. The entire top of the mouse is touch sensitive. A “Right click” is just tat. Click on the right side of the mouse. You swipe your finger up and down to scroll pages, two fingers left and right to use forward and back controls using web pages… There are a couple others you can easily find on just about every review, or the Apple web page…

This does have a feature, that I am now jealous that my $2500 MacBook Pro does not do… Scroll with momentum.

If you have used an iPhone, you know you can “flick” the web pages to scroll up and down, and after the flick the screen, it will continue to scroll for a few seconds, and gradually slow down to a stop. This is scrolling with momentum. This mouse does this while using my web browser. I WANT this on my MacBook’s track pad, now.

I do graphic design, and at times It’s easier to use a mouse for more delicate work, when I don’t feel like using the Wacom pad, so the mouse was a decent investment at only $69.00. The jealousy it has produced, makes me resent my MacBook’s trackpad capabilities, and that I would easily pay $69.00 for that to be an option. Just saying…

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