Speck Candy Shell iPhone Case

So, my new iPhone 3Gs is fantastic. (I’ll put that in another review) and I was very happy with my Griffin Clarify case. I’ve been using that for many months. Well, people all claim that the 3GS is the exact same size and form as the 3G, so the cases all work. Sweet.

The Griffin Clarify does fit, but in my opinion, does not fit as well. I had issues with the lip lifting the Steinheil screen protector, so instead of the continuous headache of trying to mold it into position, it was time to head to the Apple store, and try something new.

The selections were slim, and my guess is new phones, means lots of new cases sold. I did not want, and will never use a silicone case. Just not my thing. I don’t like them, and I much prefer a hard shell case. I also have other requirements. The bezel must be covered. There must be a lip around the screen, so if I put my phone face down on a table, the glass will not come in contact with the screen. The look and style of the case is also of major importance to me. I want it to look as sleek and classy as the phone itself. Switcheasy does a GREAT job of all these things, but alas, the Apple Store doesn’t sell Switcheasy.

Enter Speck. I love Speck products. I’ve used their shells on my Macbooks. Their iPhone cases however never caught my eye. That is until I saw the Candy Shell on line when it was released. I’ve been wanting to see on up close since, and with my choices slim, I decided it was time to check it out.

Speck Candy Shell

Speck Candy Shell

I own a black phone, I want a black case. It must be the metal head in me, but I like simple. Black. White. Easy. My issue with the Candy shell cases are the color combinations. I dislike them ALL. Why Speck, WHY didn’t you make this case in SOLID black? I had no choice, but to buy the Black and Yellow case, or as they call it, Lemondrop Licorice. I cringe even typing that.

The packaging is nice, interesting snap idea to close the box. It comes with directions, a hazard orange cleaning cloth which is a bit too small for my liking, a screen protector, and the little cardboard thing that you use to smooth out bubbles when applying the screen shield.

The case it self is damn nice. I was amazing at how soft the inside was, and sturdy and solid the outer shell is. It’s made of a 2 play  concept, giving you the best of both worlds, silicone and hard shell. BUT, it’s neither like a silicone nor a hard shell case. It’s too hard for Silicone, and too soft and plyable for a hard shell.

The volume rocker, and the power button are both covered with the softer material, and still makes the buttons easy to use. The case snaps on easily, and the fit is perfect. The camera lines up, the holes are perfect, and remember, this is a 3GS phone.

The Bezel is not 100% covered. You can still see about an 8th of the silver on the inside, next to the glass, but the majority is covered. Because of this, this case works perfectly with any screen protectors you use. A huge plus. The lip around the glass is made of the softer material, and is a perfect height.

My ONLY complaint is the yellow. Damn I hate yellow. My phone reminds me of a bumble bee now. I LOVE this case. I HATE the color options. Please Speck, oh PLEASE make me a solid black case. I’ll buy from you for life if you do. I’ve even considered dying the silicone… I won’t go that far… I’ll just stomach the bumble bee for the time being.

Damn my lack of taste for the colorful.

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