Paul Frank Skin for iPhone 3G

Waling into one of my favorite places on earth, The Oak Brook Apple store, I needed new cases form my newly purchased iPhone 3G, as well as my wife. We’ve both kept our phones in cases all along, from the 2g and 3G versions. She didn’t want a boring case.

I myself and not a fan of skins, or silicone. To me, it may provide fine protection from drops and dings, my experience has always been negative, as they collect too much lint and dirt for my liking.

When looking for cases, she was immediately drawn to the colorful images of the Paul Frank collection. Bright colors, cartoon monkeys, some skulls… All eye candy, and I admit, sort of neat… for a girl.

She chose the Julius Dots, in a cyan style blue, with colorful dots and monkey faces. Yeah. For a girl.

For a girl.

For a girl.

The case itself is actually made of a much thicker type silicone, and not like a flimsy skin. It certainly has some bulk to it. It went onto the new 3GS very easily, and fits the same as a 3G. All the corners are well covered, and the volume rocker and power button are covered as well. Very nice protection all over. A concern other then collecting dirt, is that silicone tends to slide around and needs constant adjustment to keep it on straight. This seems think enough where this may not be an issue.

I wouldn’t use this case if I was going to keep the phone in a front pocket, but for a purse, or bag, this will suit her just fine.

So, in the end, She’s happy with the look and style, I’m happy with the protection of the phone, and the prices was about average for these types of skins, coming in at $29.95.

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