Speck SeeThru Satin MacBook Soft Touch Hard Shell Case

I’m always checking out review videos on YouTube for all sorts of gadgets, and one of my favorite reviewers is Carlos (Itsmemorphious). He picked up a new MacBook awhile back, and then mygearstore sent him a black Speck SeeThru Satin Soft Touch Hard Shell Case. After watching his video, I was very interested in checking that out for myself.

I LOVE the look and feel of my MacBook Pro. I didn’t want to cover it with a hard shell case. I have never used anything like this in the past, all the back to my PowerBook. So, I was originally thinking of getting the Clear case. But, damn, that black looked SO nice on his video…

I broke down, and ordered from http://www.mygearstore.com, and 2 days later, in my hands was my case.

Speck SeeThru

Speck SeeThru

My first reaction to the case was the texture. It’s amazing. Very soft, and silky feeling exterior, much like the InCase Slider iPhone case. It’s smooth, but has enough texture so you can grip it well. Very nice!

After giving both my MacBook and the inside top and bottom of the case a GOOD wipe down with iClear, I snapped the case on, and it does SNAP on. A very satisfying snap lets you know this is locked in place.

The black looks very classy. I read some reviews on the MacRumors forums, where people thought it looked “Cheap”. I have to say, I am the 100% opposite of this. I think it’s mostly InCase fanboys that say this, because honestly, it not only looks JUST like the MacBook InCase shell, but this one has more protection on the CD side.

This case DOES add bulk. Not enough to be a nuscience, but in fairness, it’s adds about a full pound of weight to the laptop. Not too bad really for “ding” protection on the aluminum frame. Would I feel confident if I dropped this? No way. It’s not that kind of case though. It’s made to protect the surface, and that it does well.

Even though this is black, the pulse light on the front of the computer, the battery level lights, and the Apple log itself glows through the case. I wish the logo was brighter, but it does show through. It looks more purple now then white, but people can still see you’re using the best. I bought the Bentley of the laptop world, I wouldn’t want a Dodge Neon cover for it. It NEEDS to tell the world “You suck, because you’re not me.” DONE. It does that.

I was worried about added heat. There is no heat increase at all with this case. I’m actually surprised by this. I thought it would add at least a few degrees to the normal temps, but not at all.

It does add a bit of size on the outside. I was using the RadTech sleev on my MacBook Pro, and it is VERY form fitting. Like a skin for it. I was hoping it would stretch on the case. I can get it on about 3/4 of the way, when it gets VERY difficult to get it on more… I have the same problem with condoms… OK, I don’t.

The texture on this case may make it very difficult to put any form fitting sleeve on, but I found this DOES fit into the InCase Neoprene case, with the white fleece inside. I have a review of that case on this site.

All in all, I love this case. I HIGHLY recommend this if you’re looking for a bit of protection, that looks classy, feels great, and let’s the world know you rule.

Thanks to Carlos for the killer video review, and the mygearstore promo code to buy it.

2 Responses to Speck SeeThru Satin MacBook Soft Touch Hard Shell Case

  1. Robert Nicholson says:

    1 full pound of addition weight? Are you sure about that number?

  2. metalheadreview says:

    Using a digital home scale, and I realize it’s not the MOST accurate way to do this, but it does add about 1 full pound to the weight.

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