Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro

So, after one day of that horrid Macally IceCam2, it was returned to Micro Center. I love their return policy, with no questions asked. I went across town to my local Apple store in the Oak Brook mall in Illinois. They had a TINY selection of web cams. As a matter of fact, all they had in stock was the Logitech. I looked at the price, and I almost pooped a little. $129.95. Yikes. For that price, this thing better work miracles…

Right out of the box, there’s not much to do. No software, no discs, just the camera, and a small fold out instruction booklet. I plug it in, launch iChat, and boom, it works.


Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro

Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro


Instantly, with no lights on in the room, and strong sunlight coming from behind me through the window, I would have expected to be a black silhouette. Not at all. This camera amazed me with it’s brightness and clarity of not only myself, but the background, my dog, my wife, the wall… All with the sun as a back light.

The 2 megapixel camera is fitted with Zeiss glass, so the quality of video is superb. As good as the iSight in my MacBook Pro is, I actually think this may be as good, if not a nudge better. Another fantastic feature is the auto focus. Unlike that piece of shit I had hooked up yesterday, you don’t have to manually turn a crappy gray dial to attempt to focus. It does a great job with the auto focus.

The microphone is very sensitive as well, and of very good quality. I actually had to turn down the input setting in preferences, as this mic was picking up hard drive noise on the mac mini I have it hooked up to.

The design is great. The unique stand can fold, to attach to any size monitor, from a thin laptop screen, to a old CRT, or it was fold to sit on your desktop as a stand alone. The camera itself can be tilted up and down freely on the stand itself, making it easy to adjust.

Using iChat, you get no adjustment features at all, but this camera is so good, you don’t really need any. It also works well with Photobooth, and Skype. It does NOT however work with iMovie. It needs a firewire camera for that, but it DOES work with quicktime, so if you have Quicktime pro, you can record video, and then import them into iMovie, so it’s not the end of the world.

It claims to be able to shoot 720p HD, but it’s not TRUE HD. It’s just falls short.

If you need a killer webcam, with awesome quality, and something so easy to hook up and use, even my 6 year old can figure out, this webcam rocks. The price is a bit steep, but when comparing it to the Macally IceCam2, there is no comparison. This wins in EVERY way. You get what you pay for, and for the higher price, you’re getting hands down, one of the finest mac webcams on the market.

HIGHLY recommended

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