Macally IceCam2 webcam

I mentioned in other reviews that I travel a bit, and am away from my family, and when traveling to Europe, phone calls can become quite expensive. Especially when you sign up for the European rate plan through AT&T and when you get home, they claim they had no record of you adding the service, and hitting you with a $900 phone bill.

I travel with either my MacBook Pro, or my MacBook, and with the built in iSight camera, it only made sense that I pick up a webcam so I can talk with my daughter… The wife too!

I went to my local Micro Center, and saw the Macally IceCam2 for the low cost of $29.99. RIght there, I should have known better. Nope. I’m a glutton for punishment, and enjoy pissing good money away, so against my better judgement, and the employee who assured me the quality was good, I brought this home.


Hi! I suck!

Hi! I suck!


I’m using this camera on a Mac mini. It’s the last model Apple released before the Intel models came out.

At first glance, the camera is quite stylish. I like the look of it. The clamp to hold it onto my flat screen monitor works well, but I can see this being an issue with thicker screens then I have. It’s made to plug and play right into the mac, using no drivers. It works with iChat, and it claims Skype, and other popular video chat services. This is all good news. I wanted it for both Skype, and iChat… Perfect, right?

Yeah, right…

The mini is a room, with decent light. I fired up the camera, and the screen was solid black. No image. I thought it was broken. I turned on a lamp, and saw something. I turned on another light, and saw my silhouette. Now, the room is lit well now, and there’s no reason for this to be so dark. I actually had to go into other rooms of the house, collecting lamps. I needed 4 lamps, all within 18 inches of my face to make out a halfway decent picture.

It also has a built in microphone, also a piece of crap. The sound is tinny, and you sound muffled and in a hole. This might not be so bad if you could use a different microphone, but alas, you cannot. The mac sees this camera and mic as one device, and it’s all or nothing.

Wow. This is pretty bad. There are NO adjustment setting in iChat to bump up the brightness. It does have a manual focus adjustment on the front, but it’s sort of like trying to polish a turd.

To say the least, I’m very disappointed in this camera. I want to actually SEE my family, and have to squint to try to make out who I’m talking to. This is going back to Micro Center immediately. I don’t even want to give this away. It’s THAT bad.

5 Responses to Macally IceCam2 webcam

  1. John says:

    Yes, it sucks. It sucks so bad I can hardly believe it, I figured it must be a driver problem or something. I’ve tried to fix it through software, but I guess I should just give up. Any other suggestions?

  2. metalheadreview says:

    I would get rid of it QUICK. Pick up the Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro. It’s a bit more money, but worth every cent just for the quality, and peace of mind.

  3. Alex says:

    and you paid $ 29 for that? I’ve been living in china and a friend gave me this icecam2 cause he didn’t need it… he said it looked very dark but for me the camera seemed nice.. so I tried it and I proved myself wrong. This camera sucks… here in china for less than 10 Us dollars you can get chinese generic cameras that work faster and better than the genius, logitech and whatever other crap is around. I’m not standin up for chinese techonolgy, we all know it’s crap that lasts less than nothing, but I’ve had this chinese camera for more than a year and it has succesfully proven to work just fine: plug and play. My mom back home has the ligitech quikcam vision pro and it’s so hard to focus and install. Thanks for the review.

    • metalheadreview says:

      I could not agree more. I was so disappointed with this product, I had it for a day before it went back. I’m stunned a company would release a product that works so poorly. It’s on the edge of unusable, it’s so dark. You almost need professional lighting equipment to make this camera “passable”. A complete waste of money.

  4. Matt Bray says:

    I wish I’d read some reviews before I bought Icecam2.
    No picture and tinny sound – which does mean it is completely redundant.
    Why have they even put this rubbish on the market?
    Mine is going back too.

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