Air Photo Wifi Printing iPhone app

I recently came across a app on the iPhone that I thought was so genius, and worked so well, I had to talk about it. 


Air Photo Wifi Printing

Air Photo Wifi Printing


The company Sudobility released Air Photo Wifi Printing for $1.99 in the app store and if you use the iPhones camera to take photos, I highly recommend this. You need to download and install one small piece of software (that is free) that allows your iPhone to communicate with your computer, and act as a print server.

I’m still amazed at how easy this worked. I installed the software, installed the app, launched the app, and it instantly connected via Wifi to my Macbook Pro. No set up, no hassle. It just WORKS. I’m using a Canon MP620 Wifi printer.

First, you launch the iPhone app, and either shoot a photo, or choose an existing photo from your library. I chose this guy…


Bobby Lupo

Bobby Lupo


The image you are printing appears on the screen in the print dialog window, which is a very nice feature. The software uses Auto-rotation, so there’s no need to tell it landscape or portrait. You can decide to crop the photo, or use white space.


Bobby Lupo in the print server

Bobby Lupo in the print server


The software is compatible with Mac (Leopard, PowerPC of Intel) and that other popular computer brand “Those we do not speak of”.

Again, I can’t say enough good things about this app. Get it. It’s worth $4.99 so for only $1.99, it’s a steal. And if you don’t, Bobby Lupo will break your legs.

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