Belkin Mini Surge Protector with USB Charger

I tend to travel a bit being a musician, and the one thing that drives me insane is the lack of AC outlets in Hotel rooms. These days, when you travel with multiple people, everyone has a few items they need to charge. Laptops, iPods, cell phones, digital cameras, shavers… You get the point. Also, when looking for a free AC outlet in an airport, and you see some squirrelly emo looking college student has monopolized them all, you can now whip out your Belkin, and share the outlet… Or tell him that “30 Seconds to Mars” or “Dashboard Confessional” is two terminals over waiting for their plane.

There’s never enough AC outlets to accommodate everyone. I found a perfect solution. Belkin, who makes amazing products, came out with a portable charger that turns one AC outlet into 3 PLUS two USB charging ports. Sweet Christ, thank you Belkin.


Belkin Mini

Belkin Mini


They call it Mini… Well, it’s smaller then a normal power strip, but I wouldn’t say Mini. Pathetic complaint though. One of the more genius features, is the ability to rotate the AC plug 360 degrees, so it can accommodate an outlet regardless of it’s direction.

They have included a small plastic plug protector, that doubles as a little stand, so when you attach the protector to the opposite side of the AC plug, it allows the protector to sit flush against the wall.





The USB outlet is not a USB hub, and it does not transmit data. They are used solely for charging USB devices. An issue I’ve found on the USB chargers is that the power output is only 5V / 500mA at each port. This means, some devices make take longer then usual to charge with this. Just look at the specs of your device, so you will know if your USB device will charge.

The device is rated for 125V only, so a simple plug adapter will not work with this device in Europe, or traveling abroad. This is a bit of a disappointment. Also, a bit more room between the AC plugs would be nice, but for me needs, it’s perfect.

Overall, this product gets a strong 4 out of 5. Allow 120/240 and a 5 star product it will be!

One Response to Belkin Mini Surge Protector with USB Charger

  1. Bobby Jones says:

    I could really use that. Thanks for the review.

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