RadTech ScreenSavrz and Sleevz Laptop Case

I love my Macbook Pro, almost as much as my wife… Sometimes, maybe more. A little bit. So, for the one I love, I’m always looking for the optimum protection. Years ago, I came across a company called RadTech, and I picked up a couple items that have been with me for awhile now.

First, is the RadTech ScreenSavrz. It’s a piece of mirco fiber, made form a material they call Optex. It’s quite soft, and serves multiple purposes. It can wipe down the computer screen, or exterior, and polish it all clean. Also, it’s made to completely cover your keyboard so the Laptop screen never comes in contact to the keys. On an old Powerbook of mine, I had keyboard marks on the screen, and it drove me crazy. Even using one of the ScreenSavrs, key marks STILL appeared on my screen, so when I upgraded to the Macbook Pro, I picked up another one, and I currently use 2 when I close the lid. It DOES make for more snug closure, but after 2 years, my screen is flawless.





They also make a great product called Sleevz. This is an Optex sleeve that the entire notebook slide into, almost like a bag. It’s fit is very tight, much like a skin, but it is easy to get on and off, as the Optex has a bit of stretch to it. Not a lot, but just enough. This has kept the exterior of my Macbook Pro scratch free and perfect, looking brand new, after 2 and a half years.





I have found that the Sleevz seem to last about a year, before they start to wear holes in the sides. This is however from removing, and putting the sleeve back on the laptop very heavily (about 6 to 10 times a day) every day for a year.

Spending almost $3000 for a Macbook pro is an investment, so the small price to pay for RadTech products is worth it to me, and my Macbook looks the exact same as the day I brought it home.

I can’t say the same for the Mrs… (Don’t worry ladies, she’ll beat me when she reads this.)

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