SwitchEasy Capsule Neo and Capsule Rebel

Before I even get into talking about these 2 cases, I want to say something about SwitchEasy’s customer service. Every other company in the world needs to pull out their notepads, and take notes on how to not only back up your product, but do it in a professional and timely manner. This was the most pleasant experience I have ever had with a company when I had issue with their product. A very big thank you to Zoltan Steiner for a top notch company.

OK, on to the cases. First, the Capsule Rebel. This has got to be one of the coolest looking cases on the market today. It’s construction is a very unique 2 piece case. The first layer is a softer material. Not as soft as silicone, but bendable, harder rubber. It’s hard to explain. Pliable, soft, and durable. The phone slips into this piece first, and it protects the bevel, sides, and bottom of the case. It’s a matt finish, and does a great job of not picking up lint. The second part of the case, is a hard plastic that snaps in place, and looks like the spine of the case. This also protects the 4 corners, and the top of the case.


Capsule Rebel

Capsule Rebel



SwitchEasy gives you a lot of amazing accessories with their cases. Small, and appreciated items like a dock connector plug, with the Neo, a Earphone plug, the basic microfiber cloth, screen protectors, a squeegee to install said protector, a stand to watch movies with, and probably the smartest feature, that EVERY case company NEEDS to include, a universal dock adapter that fits the cased phone. Absolutely brilliant idea.

Back to the Rebel. It looks amazing, has great protection, and pure style and class. ONE thing stopped me from loving this case, and that was the softer material used on the bottom portion of the phone. The soft matt rubber type would bend and sag exposing the bevel a bit. The fit was not perfect, and because it’s so easy to move around, any bit of dust or dirt under the case would scratch the hell out of it.

I wrote SwitchEasy, explaining my issue, and this amazing company told me to keep the case, and they would send me out a Neo instead to see if I liked that better.

Enter the Capsule Neo


Capsule Neo

Capsule Neo


The Neo is amazing. Quite possibly the best case I’ve owned to date. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. It’s not a case for people who plan on removing the case often, as installation is a bit tricky. The case is put on in 3 pieces. The first piece is a very thin silicone membrane. This covers the entire back of the phone, and the bevel like a very tight, thin skin. The volume rocker, and the top power button is covered, with only the camera hole, the mute button, the headphone jack, and the bottom open. The silicone membrane of the Neo allows you to feel the buttons underneath easily, and protects very well. It is however tedious to line it up perfectly.

Once the membrane is installed, the hard plastic glossy “H” frame is put on. Again, this is a frustrating step, as when you try to get the “H” frame over the corners, it tends to move the silicone membrane… The same membrane you just spent 10 minutes lining up perfectly. Yeah, that one… After lots of adjusting, and finagling, the “I” frame is snapped in place, creating a centered matt finish, giving the case an over all hard shell from top to bottom.

Damn, this a sweet case. It comes in black and white. I own both. After a few weeks, the white “I” frame does turn from white to an off white, or egg shell color, and seems to continue to discolor over all. I’m not too happy with that, but it’s on the wife’s phone, so who cares, right?

The Rebel comes in all sorts of color assortments, and is easier to put on. The softer material on the bottom of the case is it’s only flaw.

The Neo comes in Black and White. It’s pretty tedious to put on, but once it’s on the phone, it’s almost impossible to find it’s rival in class and style. A friend saw mine, and said “That’s PIMP.” That was really an UN-METAL thing to say to me… Secretly I agreed.



NEO OVERALL: 4.75 – Almost the PERECT case.

One Response to SwitchEasy Capsule Neo and Capsule Rebel

  1. Dan says:

    I have had the Neo for several months and I love the style and the protection. However, the center ‘I’ piece has started to loosen at the top and bottom and the finish is rubbing off. I am thinking of trying the similar S-Line Series case from ideal-case.com and wondered if it was somehting you had tried or considered trying.

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