InCase Slider for iPhone 3G

I never owned a slider for the first generation iPhone, but it was always reviewed with very high marks. People seem to love this case, so when InCase announced the case for the 3G, I placed my order for a matt black case.

When it arrived in about a week, I was pretty amazed at how thin and light this case was. It’s very sleek and the material is quite smooth. The matt finish creates a sort of grip to the case, so it doesn’t slip out of your hand as easily as a naked phone.


Incase Slider Black Matt

Incase Slider Black Matt


Putting the case on the phone was interesting. It was VERY tight sliding it on. The Power Support screen protector I had on the phone was immediately pinched and lifted from the screen, rendering it useless. The bottom half went on just at tight.

This case is so thin, it adds almost no bulk to the phone. It’s actually hard to tell a case is even on. The case will protect the phone from scratches, but I would have to think, that a drop would not do much to soften the impact.


Incase Slider Black Matt

Incase Slider Black Matt



Then, I had a series of problems…

After only 2 days of normal use, the black matt finish started to flake off the phone, exposing a gloss black plastic underneath, showing me this finish is most likely a sprayed on coating. This was unacceptable for a brand new case. 

I tried to remove the case. Holy Hell. I needed a crowbar to get it off the top of the phone. I was worried about scratching the phone taking the tight case off. It took a lot of patience and wiggling, but I finally got the InCase Slider to remove it’s death grip from my iPhone, scratch free.

I called InCase. I told them about the matt black finish issue and the slider death grip. I was told that InCase was AWARE of both problems, but they shipped them anyway. He told me the coating had too much oil in the mixture causing it to rub off, and not harder properly. He also admitted to some cases being made slightly smaller, the first run to be exact, when they built the case on spec, and didn’t have an actual iPhone to build and test from. WTF? Wow. I couldn’t believe this guy was telling me this.

After days and days of back and forth, sending photos, send scans of my original receipt, and several promises to ship a new case, I thought it was over with.

ONE MONTH later, i still have no case replacement. I called again, asked for the same person I spoke to before, and he remembered me. he DENYED the issues he told me about. Flat out said he knows nothing of these issues. Again, I was stunned. He then says he’ll make sure my case ships, personally.

3 more weeks, the new case arrives. I put it on the phone. Death grip. Removed it, AGAIN with care, put it back in the box, and sold it on Ebay as quickly as I could.

So, the InCase Slider. I have mixed feelings.


Appearance: 4.5

Protection: 4 for scratching, 2 for impact

Customer Support: 2

Lives up to the hype: 2


Damn. I do LIKE this case. I think it’s sleek, and really cool looking. I hear some of the different colors fit better, and don’t have the flaking issue, so my judgement is based on the lemon I got in black matt. I wouldn’t write the case off, but I’m not sure I’d drop another $30 on an InCase product, until they restore some confidence in me.

One Response to InCase Slider for iPhone 3G

  1. Jason says:

    Since getting the case on my iphone, I haven’t been able to take it off. It’s been weeks now lolz. What a terrible case usage-wise. The look is definitely excellent but the fit is just frustrating.

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