Griffin Elan Form for iPhone 3G

On my original iPhone 2G, I was quite pleased with the Griffin Elan case, so when I picked up the 3G, it was one of the first 2 cases I picked up.

The Griffin Elan Form is a hard shell case, leather wrapped, and this time is built in the slider style, so the bottom of the case is removable so the phone will still work in it’s dock, if you should use the dock.


Griffin Elan Form

Griffin Elan Form


It comes in 2 colors, one solid black, and the other a hideous and disgusting pink and brown. Who the hell would buy that? As far as the black, I really love the look of this case, as the leather wrap gives the phone a sort of business class look. The hard shell case provides good protection, and the bevel is completely covered. A feature I insist on when looking at cases. All the ports are uncovered, and operate easily.

I found 2 issues with this case, that eventually forced me to switch to another brand. First, the leather that is glued to the hard shell case began to peel away after only a couple weeks of use. It seems to have softened, like Ron Jeremy at a puppy dog sale. This was really disappointing. When I contacted the company about the issue, they told me “Cosmetic defects do not warrant case replacement, because it has no bearing on the protection of the phone.”

Ugh. Not cool. Not at all. Way to get behind your product.

Issue number 2, and the final straw for me was the bottom “slider” portion of the phone was very loose, and could be pulled off the phone easily. Like, one finger easily. This really pissed me off, and I found myself constantly pushing it back on the phone.

Overall, I rate it like this…


Protection: 4

Looks: 5

Quality: 3

Innovation: 0 (Incase Slider anyone?)


A good case compared to any silicone on the market, but Griffin themselves have better options. Try the Clarifi.

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