Contour METAL Bluetooth Headset

Recently, I found myself in the need of a new bluetooth headset. I own the original Jawbone in Black, and the wife has been saying she wanted one. Having a beard on my face, didn’t allow for the microphone sensor of the Jawbone to work properly and fully use it’s noise cancellation feature, so it’s going to her (who does NOT sport a beard), and off I went to find something more beard friendly.

I wanted small, light weight, and cool looking… I hate looking like a complete moron wearing one of those. I was considering the Apple made headset.

At my local Apple store in Oak Brook, IL, They did indeed have the Apple brand headset. $99 without the dual dock. Since the original ear phones hurt my ears (It felt like wedging a dime in my head) I saw the ear piece was the exact same. No way. I’ll pass.

Looking at the shelf, I saw it… The Contour METAL. How BAD ASS is a product called METAL? Being the long haired freak I am, I had to look into it more. Looking at all the other brands, something kept me coming back. METAL. Hell yeah. I bought it. 80 clams. And no bulbous earpiece to split my ear canal down the middle with.


METAL, baby!

METAL, baby!

A couple weeks later, I’ve had the chance to fully experience this earpiece. I like this. No, I love this. It’s weight is so light, you hardly notice it when its in your ear. It comes with several different size rubber ear pieces, some that fit inside the ear canal, and some that sit just on top. If you use the pieces that sit outside your ear, it also comes with a clear ear hook, that hold’s it securely to your head. But, I’m all guy, so it’s in the ear for me. No sissy ear hook.

The charging system is unique. It comes will all sorts of extras. The USB auto charger, a USB 4 inch extension cable, a small belt clip like holder for the earpiece, the earpiece itself (Yeah, I know) and the small USB propitiatory charge adapter. Got all that? I’m not sure I do…


METAL Accessories

METAL Accessories

Using the METAL, the sound on my end is great. It’s very clear, and the volume is nice and loud if needed. The reception to my phone to the earpiece works well, even when I walk up to 10 feet away from the phone, so for the car, or home calls, this is perfect.

When calling a friend, I asked him how I sounded on his end. He told me crystal clear, loud, and perfect, just as if I were using the phone normally. This is him… Would you believe him?


His name is Austin.

His name is Austin.

But, when I called my mother, she said “You sound muffled, like your in a cave.” had I actually been in a cave, I would have had the perfect response, but no, I was in my living room.

So, for $80, this unit is perfect for my needs (Unless I’m calling my mother) and I would highly suggest it (Unless you’re going to call my mother). It’s ultra light weight, sounds great on my end, and has the most BAD ASS name in bluetooth headset history… THE CONTOUR METAL!  


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