Belkin Leather Laminate Case for iPhone 3G

The ongoing search for the perfect iPhone case has led me to much trial and error, and many $29.99 dollar cases, now collected in a box. Any friends of mine pick up a new iPhone, I’ve got you covered with a case.

I picked up the Belkin Leather Laminate Case. The leather connection must be for my love of metal. The go hand in hand you know. This case is sharp looking. Very smooth leather wrapped around a hard shell laminate case. The protection on this case is decent, but far from perfect.


Belkin Leather Laminate Case

Belkin Leather Laminate Case


Everything is exposed, and easy to get at, and maybe a bit too much. The phone itself slides into the case from the top, leaving the entire top of the phone exposed. This also makes it easy to push the phone out of the case, at times you don’t want that to happen.

The bevel is covered, this is a plus. Because the top portion of the case is open, it gets snagged easily on a pocket, or a purse (for you ladies… Or some dudes I suppose). My wife had this case at one time, and actually cracked the laminate so the front was dangling down. Now, my wife is not a gentle dainty flower, and back in the day she actually cracked a diamond in half… Don’t ask me how, but she did it. Even the jeweler was stunned. Said it was a 1 in a million chance of hitting that sucker JUST RIGHT… She’s good for that sort of thing.

Oh, and you’ll love this… The website lists a “feature” of this case as “Custom graphical lining and exterior.” SO, if you’re looking for some SWEET inside custom pattern no one will ever see, then THIS is the case you need!

Here’s how I rate this Belkin product…


Quality: 3.5

Looks: 3.5

Ability to impress chicks with it: 1.5

Overall: 3.5

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