Power Support Anti-Glare VS. Steinheil Anti-Fingerprint film

I’ve been an iPhone user since launch day, for the original iPhone. Yes, I was one of those crazy people who dropped $600 on an 8GB phone. Not only did I buy one, but I bought one for my wife, making me completely insane, and spending now $1200 on telephones.

I am a freak when it comes to taking care of my electronic items, and this being portable made me very nervous. I needed a case to protect it from scratching, and even though the screen is anti scratch resistant, I was taking no chances. So, on launch day, I picked up the Power Support crystal shield for the screen.


Power Support Anti-Glare

Power Support Anti-Glare


After some time, Power Support released the same thing, only this time, they claimed it to be Anti-Glare, and finger print proof. Well, since the iPhones screen is a greece magnet, and I was tired of wiping off mine every time I used it, I was sold.

Since then, I have purchased the 3G iPhone, and again, picked up the Power Support Anti-Glare film. The film itself comes 2 to a package, and cost roughly about $15 bucks. Since I have 2 phones at home, I didn’t mind the price.

After reading some consumer reviews about the Steinheil Anti-Fingerprint film, people were saying they liked it better then the Power Support. Loving the PS, I had to check it out for myself, and went ahead and ordered it.


Steinheil Anti-Fingerprint Film

Steinheil Anti-Fingerprint Film


The price was about the same, $15 for 2 shields. Both cling to the screen using static, and no adhesive, which is nice when removing it. Both go one smoothly, with hardly any bubbles to work out. At first glance, they are pretty much identical.

After living with the Steinheil for a few days, I started to notice a difference between the two. Both screens have a slight texture on them, feeling like a Macbook’s track pad, or even possibly a smooth sheet of printer paper. This texture distorts the image on the phone slightly, mainly in the bright white areas. I have to admit, this always bothered me with the Power Support film, and I always considered switching back to the crystal instead.

The Steinheil still has that texture, but honestly, it’s less noticeable then the PS is. It sort of “softens” the image, where the PS looks rougher. This is very hard to explain in words, and it’s something you really need to see in front of you.

Both film causes a similar effect, but the Steinheil is less noticeable. I have to say, as sold as I was on the Power Support, I have switched to the Steinheil, and I think I’m here to stay.

Power Support Anti-Glare VS. Steinheil – Anti-Fingerprint film…

Steinheil is the clear winner.

3 Responses to Power Support Anti-Glare VS. Steinheil Anti-Fingerprint film

  1. Dezorian says:

    Tnx for the review, i have the steinheil too, but sometimes a see a mate without screen protection and see that the screen is much brighter and sharper, though i still like the steinheil. I’m hoping a product with anti-fingerprint but no visual distortion will come to the market.

    Clearly the Power support fails at that. Do you know any other anti-fingerprint screen protectors?

  2. Dana says:

    Hello. I have been searching for that ‘perfect’ screen saver as well and I, too, have found (from reading reviews) that I was going to purchase the Power Support Anti-Glare over anything else…UNTIL, I found info on the Steinheil Anti-Fingerprint. I basically heard (or read) the same as what you have described, and that if anything, the Steinheil also seemed a bit thinner and allowed better illumination and color, not to mention a smoother texture when sliding your finger across screen. I was sold on the Steinheil. BUT, I also heard that the Power Support had a slightly smaller cut than the Steinheil making it perfect to use in conjunction with a case. The only thing that would keep me from using the Steinheil would be IF, because the edges went closer to the edge of the iphone screen, this may compromise the edges of the screen saver when used w/ a case. I still have not heard if this is true. If you have any additional info you can give me regarding this, I would greatly appreciate it. I have not purchased either screen savers as of yet, but again, I am leaning towards the Steinheil but ONLY if I can use it w/ a case. Thanks so very much.

  3. LukasLOukas says:

    I too have the steinheil antifingerprint. It’s great but I alwase wonder what it would be like to have a chrystal screenprotector on but I hate finger prints. I am using a seidio innocase right now with the steinheil on it and it fits great and I also own the capsule rebel and that works great too! I also have owned a powersuplort but something I noticed is that the steinheil seems to fit perfectly with the ear hole and the home button the only way you could tell that there is a screen protector on is because it’s anti glare! Going through all the cases and screen protectors iv gone through (and I am very picky by the way) But what I’m trying to say is that it’s verymuch compatable with cases! 🙂

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